Dodecatheon clevelandii, with the common name of Padre's shooting star, is a species of Dodecatheon. lt has recently been reclassified as Primula clevelandii, a species of Primula.

Its specific epithet clevelandii honors 19th-century San Diego-based plant collector and lawyer Daniel Cleveland.

The plant is native to California and Baja California. It is generally found in open grassland areas.

Dodecatheon clevelandii/Primula clevelandii is spring deciduous, dying back to the ground after the rains cease. It has basal clumps of leaves up to 40 centimeters long.

The flowers are magenta to deep lavender to white. They are nodding flowers each about an inch long on stems up to a foot tall.

This species hybridizes with Dodecatheon hendersonii, from which it can be distinguished by its green stem.

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