Langloisia setosissima, the bristly langloisia, bristly-calico, Great Basin langloisia or lilac sunbonnets, is a flowering plant, the sole species in the genus Langloisia in the family Polemoniaceae. It is native to the western United States, where it is found in desert washes and on rocky slopes and plains from eastern Oregon and Idaho south to eastern California and Arizona.

It is an annual plant, growing to 4–20 cm tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, linear, 2–3 cm long, densely bristly and with a toothed margin. The flowers are white to light blue or pale purple in color, 1.5–2 cm diameter, with a deeply five-lobed corolla.

There are two subspecies:

    Langloisia setosissima subsp. setosissima. Flowers with a uniformly colored corolla, possibly showing faint patterns of dots and stripes.
    Langloisia setosissima subsp. punctata (syn. Langloisia lanata, Langloisia punctata). Flowers with a corolla spotted with darker purple and yellow.

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