Lathyrus vestitus is a species of wild pea known by the common name Pacific pea. It is native to western North America, where it is mostly found in the forests, woodlands, and chaparral of California. The ranges of some subspecies extend into Oregon and Baja California. This is a perennial pea vine that varies in appearance across subspecies.

Leaves are made up of several leaflets of various shapes up to 4 or 5 centimeters long. The leaves usually bear coiling tendrils and the stipules may be large or small.

The inflorescence is a showy array of up to 15 pea flowers, sometimes densely packed together, and usually some shade of light to medium purple or white.

Lathyrus vestitus is often discussed as comprising several varieties. These are:

   L. vestitus var. alefeldii

   L. vestitus var. ochropetalus

    L. vestitus var. vestitus

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