Anisocoma acaulis (scale bud) is a wildflower found in the Mojave, Colorado Deserts, and California's Owens Valley above 2,000 feet (610 m) (states of Arizona, Nevada, California, Baja California, and Sonora), up to about 7000 ft.

It is the only known member of genus Anisocoma.

The plant grows a flat mat of jagged lobed leaves that lie on the ground. It sends up stalks up to 20 centimeters tall topped with flowers that bloom from April to June. The flowers may be yellow or white with yellow centers. The frilly ray florets are rectangular with flat or slightly toothed tips. This flower is found growing in colonies in sandy places and washes, and bleeds milky sap if cut. The common name "scalebud" is a reference to the scaly appearance of the closed flower bud.

Observations Map

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