Machaeranthera asteroides  is a North American species of plants in the sunflower family. It is native to the southwestern United States (California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah) and northern Mexico (Chihuahua, Sonora, Baja California).

M. asteroides is a biennial or perennial herb with a woody taproot. It often grows in a clump of several stems. Ray florets in the flower heads are white or purple, and female. Disc florets are yellow and bisexual.


M. asteroides var. asteroides - California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Chihuahua, Sonora

M. asteroides var. lagunensis (D.D.Keck) B.L.Turner Baja California; Laguna Mountains in San Diego County in California

M. asteroides var. glandulosa B.L.Turner - Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah

Observations Map

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